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Midnight ExpressSince 1995, Midnight Express has been taking pride in delivering safe, prompt and dependable service that consistently exceeds customer expectations, we service all of Southern California with pride. We provide you complete ground transportation services whether you are planning to go from one specific location to another or need one of our sedans and professional drivers for dedicated use over an extended period of time .


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Midnight ExpressMidnight Express has always prided itself on the quality experience we provide clients. We hire, train professional chauffeurs who are responsible and personable. We also provide clean and well maintained vehicles. While safety is a combination of driver and vehicle, we have taken some additional steps to ensure our vehicles have an extra level of safety and performance. We have fitted with the PureForge Atomic-Forged® automobile braking system. This new braking system deliver the industry’s highest level of safety and performance that exceed any OEM or after-market brakes available. Under normal circumstance you'll feel a smoother, quieter, more consistent braking experience, and if needed under emergency braking, PureForge eliminates brake fade, along with delivering a significantly shorter stopping distance. Chauffeur training and vehicle technology advancements are another way you are in safe hands with Midnight Express.

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